Biomechanical analysis of typical office postures:

For those more familiar with the new technologies, he had discovered on the Internet many images of how to sleep correctly, such as sitting in his office, such as ironing, on the other hand, we all know the “mistakes” we make every day about our posture. Trying to reproduce a correct postural image on a day-to-day basis is a challenge: firstly because at bedtime we only know how to fall asleep and the way we wake up at work because when our boss asks us to report on the hour, the muscle and bone pains are Relegated to the background.

However, I believe that it is necessary to understand how the way we sit 8 hours a day affects our postural balance. So that we can intelligently and coherently correct ourselves so as not to hear the recurring sentence of the patients “I try to keep my back straight but I can not stand for long, and It still hurts me more!”

The common mistake is to sit very far in the chair without full back contact with the support, which leads to the hours falling to the seat and strongly affects our vertebral curvature:

- in the lower back: sitting in the middle of your chair with the back of the back supports a lumbar flexion and a posterior basin scale. Despite the comfort feeling inherent in stretching the muscles to the lumbar vertebrae, durable and daily stretching Favors ligament instability and decreases the physiology of lumbar lordosis (vertebral sustainability factor)

- In the thoracic region: this wrong position creates an increase in thoracic kyphosis (users often say they are becoming more humped). The result is an increase in abdominal pressure making diaphragm movements difficult during inspiration: from this are the secondary muscles of the breathing (scalene and sternocleidomastoid) that replace it. However, these said muscles are tied to the cervical spine and first ribs, causing tensions due to repetitive contractions. The brachial plexus between the clavicle and the first rib will be compressed between the two structures and lose its elasticity: we have the necessary ingredients for neck strains and nervous irritations, whose carpal tunnel syndrome is involved.

- At the cervical level: In general, to look at and focus on the computer screen, we are forced to increase cervical extension: the facet joints are compressed, the suboccipital muscles contracted, an explosive mixture of neck pain, headaches And predisposition to facet arthritis.

It’s easy to find out the main culprit in the wrong posture. But we should not forget that another mistake is to put the keyboard and mouse too close to the edge of the desk: in this position trapezium and scapula lift (muscles connecting neck to shoulder ) Are contracted consistently and lose elasticity, which makes them fibrous and painful.

Going to practice

The market for ergonomic products is vast, but the essential factor is a correct posture: you can invest in a Formula 1 but it’s the sporty driving lessons that will bear fruit, just as the best bike will not replace your legs.

The investment required is minimal and can avoid gross inaccuracies:

- a height-adjustable chair, preferably with a fixed backrest and without an armrest.

- a broad office desk, ideally between 65 and 75cm

- A good ergonomic footrest for comfortable leg while sitting.

- a small cushion of 15cm in thickness and 35cm in compliance

- a fixed computer with a flat screen of at least 17 inches, the ideal 19 “(if you work on the laptop, you should provide a tilting bracket)

- a slimergonomic keyboard and mouse.

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Drug Abuse Treatment

The roots of drug abuse are often found in a disturbed childhood and puberty; if not; then what starts off often as an ostentation of respective macho-ness grows into a compulsive habit within no time. Perhaps it is the only field where the teenagers and the young adults never fall short of ambition. For the aged, it is a different story altogether; while some begin because of unmatched wealth accumulated all in a sudden; others start off to seek an easy refuge from psychological, sociological and finance-related problems. However, all roads lead to Rome and all these so-called Romans must be brought under drug abuse treatment.

Prior to commencing further upon the details regarding drug abuse treatment, it is vital to differentiate between a drug abuser and a drug addict. This is chiefly due to the fact that what may easily allay the agonies of the former may not at all have an effect on the other. Drug abuse treatment can be a mild process or a severe one, depending upon the intensity of the use.

Drug abuse treatment is the last refuge sought when a certain individual starts showing certain symptoms including irritability, insomnia, convulsions, anxiety, paranoia, violent behavior, memory loss, learning problems, increased heart rate, lethargy and panic attacks due to no apparent reasons. Psychoactive or prescription, the general symptoms do not vary much but one must also be aware that psychoactive drug abuse treatment has some difference with prescription drug abuse treatment while involving medicament though the basic psychological drug abuse treatment is more or less the same.

Drug abuse treatment must start at home, for no counselor can be as compassionate as the nearer and dearer ones to the abuser. Compassion plays a large role and can bring forth positive outcomes if the problem is in its initial stage; the developing stages can be handled by reducing slowly the quantity in a careful and discreet manner. Besides, getting the victim under drug abuse treatment interested in constructive and recreational activities diverts his/her mind from the compulsive urge. But this kind of drug abuse treatment is effective for the victims who have developed a psychological dependence; for the ones with physical dependence, professionals should administer drug abuse treatment besides doctors with specialization in the field of drug abuse treatment.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Drug Abuse Treatment Center

In today’s scenario drug abuse and substance abuse is very common thing to encounter. In America people are having this problem immensely. Rise of many drug rehabilitation centers and drug rehabs are the proof of this factor. Adults, teenagers and also women are facing these problems of dug abuse now a day out of no blue. You can not understand this problem unless your near and dear ones face this severe problem and want to get out of this addiction problem and want to live fully. A good and successful residential drug treatment center can be a well solution but the problem is not finding that appropriate one. There should be some yardsticks to judge the dug rehabs before getting there admitted. Drug rehabilitation should provide a foundation where the addict believes he can overcome his addiction, where he believes that he can be helped. He needs to know that his will and his power are enough to be free of drug addiction. Drug Rehabilitation programs that offer a true solution to drug addiction do exist.

You definitely want you your dear one to live a healthy and productive life. By asking the right question on each of the following areas when choosing a residential drug treatment center, your chances of making this happen for your loved one will increase. Success rate, methods of medication, staffs’ services, doctors and staffs and their attitude towards patients, follow-up programs, location and the entire environment, duration of the whole treatment, price or cost of the treatment, methods of counseling etc everything can change the outcome of the drug abuse treatment process greatly. You can not expect that success comes to an institute and here a drug treatment center in a fluke. You can ask people who have undergone this type of problems and being cured after getting admitted in a drug rehab. His personal opinion should be counted and you can also speak with graduates of the drug rehab facility or their families. Get real opinions from real people.

Addiction results from a combination of many factors, including a lessening of morality and integrity and an increasing burden of guilt and shame. The life of an addict includes bad habits, poor health and difficulty facing problems. After speaking with the facility, ask yourself if they are handling not just the psychological aspects, but also the physical and mental aspects of addiction as well. So the medication and other methods like detox and rapid detox programs should be examined well before getting there for get rid of drug abuse. The services provided by them are also very crucial to decide the choice of yours. A proper intervention, other legal issues are also an object that should be needed your attention before making final decision. Last but not least the atmosphere of the residential drug abuse treatment centers is very all important. Prison like confinement does not lessen the misery but do the opposite. Peaceful homelike atmosphere is all needed to get soon from an addiction problem.

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